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Local Government Case Study

An Essex based Local Authority

Cost savings while maintaining service delivery
Consistent, aligned thinking achieved within management team and project implemented


An Essex based Local Authority


  • The Council was required to make substantial cost savings whilst ensuring service delivery was not put at risk
  • There were differing views within the senior management team on where efficiency gains and cost savings could be achieved to match the scale of requirements
  • An internal team had been appointed to ensure delivery, however this lacked the skills and experience of managing similar programmes


  • One-to-one interviews with key executive directors and service heads to gain views and perceptions
  • Carried out desk-top 'benchmarking' exercise against a family group of Councils, taking into account other Councils strategic parameters
  • Feedback into executive alignment workshops focusing on:
    • External stakeholder relationships and management
    • Internal delivery capability strengths and weaknesses
    • Effective use of internal resources and skills
    • Opportunities for outsourcing and partnership working
    • Priority areas for the Council and community
    • Required outcomes
  • Developed and agreed priority areas for attention and clear targets
  • Integrated a series on individual improvement initiatives into an overall transformation programme
  • Developed a clear structure and framework for delivery
  • Coached internal team plus service managers in implementation management tools and techniques


  • Achieved alignment of thinking amongst senior management team regarding priority areas and targets
  • Provided a clear framework to evaluate strategic options and make clear decisions
  • Enhanced internal management capability in identifying and agreeing areas for improvement, often involving 'sensitivities'
  • Established a clear structure and framework to ensure effective implementation and delivery of cost reduction / efficiency improvements
  • Programme now being implemented