validus management consultancy UK

Benefits - financial and non-financial

Significant financial benefits
Our programmes are specifically geared to generating financial returns on investment that in many cases produce returns that are many times the project investment

The results of our joint project activity typically include both tangible financial and non-financial benefits:

  • Strengthened executive team capability and leadership
  • Clear focus on priority areas and outcomes
  • Vastly improved process efficiency – adoption of common processes
  • Significant redeployment of staff to Value Added activity
  • Improved Customer Service Delivery
  • Increased integration and use of IT systems
  • Improved visibility and management of workloads and resources
  • Improved resource utilisation and productivity
  • Reduced sub-contractor costs and improved sub-contractor management
  • Improved skills levels and flexibility
  • Enhanced organisation structures
  • Clearer roles, responsibilities and accountability for delivery
  • Improved internal and external communication key stakeholders and interfaces
  • Enhanced management skills at all levels
  • Enhanced change management skills – the ability to implement continuous improvement
  • Changed / enhanced 'behaviours and attitudes

Investment versus Benefit

Our programmes are specifically aimed to generate financial benefits in excess of any investment.

In the chart on the right, the red boxes represent the investment and the green boxes represent the typical annualised benefit generated, for the market sectors of Local Government, Utilities, Financial Services and NHS.