validus management consultancy UK

Food & Drinks Consultancy

Improving materials utilisation and production output
In complex technical environments, our programmes have aligned management, improved usage of materials, increased capacity and production, at the same time improving customer satisfaction

Validus consultants combine our extensive transformation and facilitation techniques with specific industry expertise to build best-in-class performance. Our approach links strategic vision and leadership with unlocking the skills, competencies and confidence of staff 'at the sharp-end' to create continuous improvement cultures.

Our experience includes:

  • Senior management team alignment
  • Improving demand forecasting, production scheduling and capacity planning
  • Achieving output performance – post installation & commissioning
  • Increasing production / line efficiency / yield
  • Set-up time reduction
  • Improving materials utilisation and supply chain management
  • Operational measures design and implementation
  • Management coaching
  • Implementing continuous improvement infrastructures
  • Problem solving training and coaching
  • Labour resource optimisation
  • Waste reduction techniques
  • Team building
  • Management training for front-line managers
We are well used to operating within highly complex technical environments, often to demanding timescales to achieve outstanding results. These include:
  • Major increases in line capacity (no capital expenditure)
  • Reduced cost of contract packaging
  • Increased line efficiency by up to 45%
  • Elimination of low frequency failures – improved customer satisfaction
  • Resolving micro-biological issues – contamination avoidance and extended shelf-life