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Private Sector Management Consultancy

We are implementors – we get things done!
All of our joint projects have delivered significant returns on investment to our clients

Successful organisation are continually searching to improve products, services and customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Validus has worked closely with our clients to identify the critical issues, assess and agree the real opportunities for improvement and to implement the strategic, operational and 'culture' change programmes that transform business performance and deliver substantial and sustainable benefits.

Our experience of providing focused support includes:


  • Using scenario thinking to assess the impact of alternative option: whether the industry would opt for new technology and replace existing fleets of aircraft, or try to extend their working life
  • Assessed major investment in new technology, systems and skills versus skills in speed of response to low cost re-working of existing aircraft fleets

Agricultural Supply

  • Strategy to develop the transition from a family owned / run business, into a more structured operation, following a period of sustained growth. Complete rationalization of full product portfolio – focus on high margin product lines. Re-branding of the company


  • Developed scenarios for the emergence of a chemicals business into the post-Soviet world of greater freedom and greater risk, entering a variety of European and Far Eastern markets.
  • Developed the appropriate structure internationally, linking the field operations to the centre in a newly profit-focused business.
  • Implemented a customer, product, and routes to market rationalisation programme. Substantially increased profitability

Financial Services

  • Developed scenarios for several major banks, insurance companies and brokers to determine alternate pathways to the future. Outcomes include major decisions on sharply articulated choices.
  • Identified and released excess capacity to carry out additional 'pipe-line' management activity to address a shortfall in conversion rates within an insurance provider. Backlogs subsequently cleared and conversions increased by over 30%.
  • Substantially increased profit performance by detailed analysis of product groups, broker performance, pricing variation, caseload and the cost of settled claims within a major motor insurance cover provider.
  • Significantly increased (in some cases trebled) throughput rates within the Operations centre of a major UK bank via 'straight-through' processing, improved IT integration and reduced 'hand-offs'.
  • Implemented vastly simplified and consistent processes, improved IT systems across multi-site offices for the Investment Services, Estates Management, and Tax Management functions within a major UK bank.
  • Reduced 'tick-box' approach to Risk Management in operations processing centres whilst strengthening awareness and mitigation. Removed major risk areas before losses incurred.
  • Developed and implemented Core Values to mitigate 'people-based' risk within a major Building Society. Reduced risk events within key business areas.


  • Assessment of the impact of future international competition and economic conditions on markets within a number of industries including; consumer electronics, engineering, paper, pharmaceuticals and steel. Seminars and workshops to develop strategic options and major choices looking between 5 and 10 years ahead.
  • Assessment of the changing competitive conditions cross-border around Europe, also in the Far East and China. Executive sessions using scenarios and other tools of analysis to review technology, products, and marketability assumptions within Europe Middle East and Africa.
  • Complete overhaul and product rationalisation programme within a manufacturer of Air Terminal products. Improved profit by over £1m from rationalisation and improved operations management.
  • Increased productivity within an integrated paper manufacturer
  • Coached managers and staff in an automotive plant in variety of leading edge methodologies and techniques including: Lean, Six Sigma, OEE, Kaizen. Increased engine plant output within a six week ramp-up period; increased glazing output by additional 60 units per day; reduced 'end-of-line' direct labour requirement.

Private Health

  • Integrated inherited 'cultures' and operating practices across over 120 care homes following a period of major acquisition.
  • Used the 'Investors in People' framework to integrate a portfolio of 26 hospitals and screening centres into one corporate culture.