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Utilities Case Study

BNFL Sellafield

NII's critical review of 1999 had to be addressed
Established new manufacturing support group and implemented 19 improvement initiatives


The Connections business within a major multi-utility service provider, covering both Regulated and Competitive connections. Multi-site business with a total of 18 Regulated teams and 14 Competitive teams across 7 locations


Following the NII's critical review of 1999, need to:
  • Strengthen the manufacturing capability on site and introducing basic manufacturing disciplines
  • Improve overall site performance and remove specific bottlenecks
  • Undertake improvement activity within the unique culture at BNFL Sellafield


  • Established a new internal department, the Manufacturing Support Group (MSG), up to full strength over 2 years (50 FTE's).
  • Implemented the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) measure as the key driver for performance improvement
  • Constructed a plant and site wide OEE databases to enable analysis, evaluation and interpretation of OEE data
  • Phased transfer of responsibility from consultants to the MSG
  • Established ongoing management review and improvement infrastructures
  • Established improvement team structures, targets, activity and management framework
  • Applied Six Sigma, Kaizan and Lean Manufacturing approaches to drive improvement activities across the site
  • Integrated improvement activity with Sales Order Processing
  • Developed the new relationships between the MSG, and others on site to ensure a quality, value added service


  • MSG now well established
  • OEE measure successfully implemented in 12 major plant areas
  • A total of 19 separate improvement initiatives underway
  • MSG staff actively and confidently extended the OEE roll-out across the balance of the site and facilitated improvement team activity
  • Breaking down the 'silo-mentality' that had historically been a feature of the culture at Sellafield
  • Improved control of operations
  • NII's increased confidence in BNFL's ability to deliver operational performance