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Scottish Procurement Framework

Managing Change Within The Scottish Public Sector

Validus has recently been appointed by Procurement Scotland to support a 3-year framework agreement to manage change within the whole of the Scottish Public sector.

This programme will address many of the key issues facing the sector including: re-defining the relationship between the individual and the state; localisation of key decisions; more effective collaboration between public bodies; new types of leadership required to transform service delivery; building a high performing public sector workforce that embraces innovation and modern service delivery models.

Validus will support this programme with our executive development workshop, Strategic Leadership Within Local Economies also with our tried and tested Efficiency and Value for Money modelling tools and techniques that are used extensively throughout the public sector north and south of the border.

Strategic Leadership Within Local Economies

Our approach to 'Providing Strategic Leadership Within Local Economies' develops strategic choices, options and implementation programmes within public bodies not only to optimise the present, but also to mould the future, looking beyond the immediate financial pressures and constraints.

Our executive workshop programme, led by our Chairman, Professor Bill Weinstein examines the economic, geo-political, technological and cultural environments that public bodies operate within, examines future scenarios, the organisational capacity and capability to meet existing challenges and prepare for the future. It crucially evaluates the organisations' collective leadership and human capital – examining capacity, capability and consistency in doing things right, doing things better, doing things differently, considering the multitude of different service delivery models and potential partnerships now available. It brings strategic priorities and choices into sharp focus and provides a clear way forward, making sense out of complex and open ended problems.

It also enables focused collaboration across multi-organisation service delivery models enabling alignment of resources, processes and outcomes for the community.

Validus Efficiency And Value For Money Model

The Efficiency and Value for Money model has been specifically designed to enable organisations to understand, in detail where, how and why resources time and effort, at different levels and grades, are consumed.

It measures the effect of poor or weak processes, highlighting areas where there is duplication of effort, where poor processes and working practices in one area means more work in another.

It enables comparisons of performance and outcomes, in particular across multi-faceted organisations where processes and working practices are often non-standard. It also provides valuable and detailed base data to assess the impact of re-engineering options and innovative new operating models including partnership working and outsourcing.