validus management consultancy UK

NHS Management Consultancy

Improving complex working relationships for the benefit of patients
Our programmes have vastly improved working relationships across clinical, nursing, administrative and managerial staff to improve the patient experience and deliver significant financial benefits

Validus consultants have extensive experience in winning the trust and confidence of clinical, nursing and administrative staff, then working jointly to implement Lean systems within the NHS. Lean focus on value from a patient perspective at every step of the process, is obsessive about eliminating delay and waste wherever it is found, across the whole of the patient experience.

Our experience includes:

  • Ensuring full utilisation of theatres and outpatient clinics
  • Developing and implementing real-time performance management measures to reduce patient length of stay
  • Re-setting of booking guidelines for outpatient clinics
  • Improving cultures and working relationships across clinical, nursing and administrative functions
  • Using 'scenarios' to examine possible future sources of funding for care for the elderly