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Housing Association Management Consultancy

Delivering services more efficiently, effectively and economically
Our programmes have delivered significant returns on investment to our Housing Association clients

Housing Associations are under increasing scrutiny to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in housing management and service delivery and in ensuring social needs and responsibilities are met.

Our transformation programme provides a fully documented, step-by-step structure and framework that engages and coaches managers and staff as well as board members, enabling them to identify the critical issues and opportunities, fully engage all key stakeholders, develop the new improved service delivery models and working practices, where necessary challenge and modify the prevailing behaviours and attitudes to ensure effective implementation and service delivery outcomes.

Validus has extensive experience of assisting Housing Associations in areas including:

  • Executive and board mentoring
  • Reviewing housing stock and service portfolios
  • Developing and implementing improved business strategies
  • Refinancing programmes to reduce financial charges and increase capital investment in housing stock
  • Mergers of Housing Associations, due diligence and corporate governance through to full integration
  • Developing partnership strategies and working relationships
  • Development of asset management strategies
  • Tennant engagement programmes
  • Improving operational efficiency, effectiveness and Value for Money
  • Implementing Performance Management, both internally and with delivery partners
  • Supporting external assessments and KLOEs
The results of our joint programmes have included:
  • Alignment of strategic goals and objectives both within Housing Associations, also with Delivery Partners
  • Elimination of wasted time and effort through vastly improved business processes
  • Improved productivity from the direct workforce
  • Improved productivity from Delivery Partners and a reduction in sub-contract costs
  • Improved utilisation of stock and reduced voids
  • Improved performance on repairs
  • Reduced rent arrears
  • Improved skills and retention of qualified / experienced staff
  • Improved servicing of needs of local communities and customer satisfaction levels
  • Positive outcomes to KLOEs and Value for Money focus from the Audit Commission