validus management consultancy UK

Manufacturing Case Study

UK car manufacturer

End of line validation operation was experiencing overload as output increased
15% productivity increase achieved and validation team recognised as one of the best in assembly operation


  • A major UK based car manufacturer
  • Undertaking a major change programme that integrated: updating of site manufacturing facility to world-class standards; integration of cultures following company acquisition; the launch of a new model


  • The end of line validation operation was experiencing overload as output increased
  • Some shifts were performing to a higher level
  • Faults were being passed downstream to the validation team to resolve at the end of line
  • Productivity needed to be increased and head count reduced by 15%
  • A high level of temporary staff from different cultures needed to perform consistently
  • Need to improve attendance levels


  • Established 'self-steering' improvement teams as an integral part of the 'Wings' (Working in Groups) site-wide initiative
  • Visualised performance targets and corrective action plans
  • Attendance was closely managed, charted and discussed with the team
  • Team meetings were introduced to discuss and resolve problems
  • Improved the awareness of upstream processes to enable a more proactive approach to eliminating faults at source
  • Improved workflows by pulling cars into the section rather than other sections pushing units when it suited them
  • Worked closely with the end of line process area managers and team coordinators to identify where problems were occurring
  • Improved work place organisation to ensure equipment was conveniently positioned and all clutter removed
  • Shared best working practices across shifts and communicated the improvements achieved
  • Reviewed quality sampling activities
  • Developed asset care routines (TPM) for the validation equipment to ensure consistent performance


  • A 15% productivity increase was achieved
  • Work flow was significantly improved and overloading virtually eliminated
  • Communication improved despite one team having 23 different nationalities
  • Attendance levels improved – the weekend shift achieved a full 6 week period with no absences
  • Work place organisation significantly improved around the end of line facility
  • Improved communication between upstream units and the end of line
  • Output quality improved
  • The end of line validation team was recognised by the senior management team as being one of the best teams in the assembly operation