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Manufacturing Case Study

Air handling devices manufacturer

Sales running behind budget, need to increase to £15m
Achieved annualised benefits in excess of £1m


  • Family owned manufacturer and supplier of wide range of Air Handling Devices
  • Turnover of £11m, total number of employees, 200
  • Sales are mostly in the UK


  • Sales running behind budget, need to increase to £15m
  • Need to improve quality and levels of service in line with the companies new Customer Charter
  • Loss-making, complex organisation structure and high overhead costs
  • Wide product range / variety, high emphasis on technical complexity
  • ‘Stand-off’ between production and sales
  • Need to change the organisation culture to be customer oriented and service driven
  • Programme to develop and implement integrated computer system (INFOFLO) in need of strengthening


  • Implemented improved organisation structure and reduced overhead costs
  • Reviewed sales strategy and defined action plans for each major product group
  • Installed improved sales management processes
  • Implemented improved communication mechanisms between departments, in particular Sales, Sales Order Processing and Production
  • Implemented short interval control principles and procedures into production
  • Implemented new stock management parameters
  • Developed process of ‘continuous improvement’ in production covering quality, people, tooling and equipment issues
  • Implemented product rationalisation programme and management processes for new products into production
  • Supported the management of the INFOFLO programme


  • Significantly increased output levels across major product lines
  • Achieved annualised benefits in excess of £1m
  • Achieved significant increases in levels and processing of quotations
  • Achieved substantial improvements in delivery performance against Customer Charter standards
  • Achieved a major shift in attitudes and working relationships throughout the organisation