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NHS Case Study

Midlands NHS Hospitals Trust

Historical problems and issues within Rheumatology department
New processes defined, agreed and signed onto by Rheumatology staff and senior hospital management


A major NHS Hospitals Trust in the Midlands


  • Historical problems and issues within the Rheumatology department included:
    • Poor quality referral letters and inadequate information to allow prioritization of patients Outdated and cumbersome patient monitoring systems
    • Lack of sustained investment in buildings and equipment
    • Fast growing and inadequately resourced bone densitometry and osteoporosis service
  • Poorly differentiated communication channels and management structure
  • Lack of investment in infrastructure
  • Lengthy queuing by patients during clinics
  • Need to develop and nurture the required 'attitudes and behaviours' of staff within the department
  • Need to develop a review and re-engineering approach to be added to a hospital wide change management 'toolkit' and applied to other areas within the hospital


  • Interviewed consultants, nursing and administrative staff to gain their perceptions and insights
  • Interviewed patients to gain understanding of their experiences, issues and concerns
  • Coached selected members of the management and staff in our review and re-engineering methodologies and techniques
  • Reviewed the current Rheumatology administrative processes and information flows in detail
  • Jointly critiqued process with managers and staff highlighting process weaknesses, inefficiencies and problem
  • Developed improved processes and information flows
  • Examined infrastructure and made recommendations for improvements
  • Defined implementation programme


  • New processes defined, agreed and signed onto by Rheumatology staff and senior hospital management, new processes feature:
    • Introduction of a training process for all new Rheumatology cases
    • Development of monitoring activity back to GP's
    • Significant saving on nurses 'data input' and administrative activities / hours
    • Upgrade links with densitometry IT system for use of data in research and analysis of drug effectiveness
  • Improved structure to address the balance of Senior Nursing staff per Consultant
  • Recommendation to appoint a clinical lead for the department
  • Improved balance between Consultants, use of Physiotherapists and suitably qualified Nursing Staff
  • Implementation of processes by Rheumatology managers and staff proceeding
  • Implementation of improved facilities and equipment proceeding