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NHS Case Study

Mental Health Trust – reporting to the Chief Executive

Mental hospital closures and a need for new medical records repository
Implementation of new medical records repository, signed off by board


A Mental Health Trust – reporting to the Chief Executive


  • Following the closure of 5 major mental hospitals in and around the Birmingham conurbation, a new Psychiatric Hospital was in the course of construction. There was a need to design and implement a new medical records repository to handle all archived, current and future patient records


  • Established internal team to carry out detailed review of existing processes
  • Reviewed and critiqued existing process flows with clinicians (consultant psychiatrists and psychologists)– including intensive care wards and also CPD staff (community nursing)
  • Reviewed technical IT platforms and processes to determine best practice for the new facility
  • Facilitated a series of workshops in a demanding time scale to agree and define new processes
  • Develop organisation structure to best match the new processes
  • Developed and implemented plans for the proposed processes
  • Carried out onsite reviews to snag implementation problems
  • Develop and deliver Communications programme covering all grades of staff (2000+)
  • Gain sign off at Board level


  • A new Medical records repository with a single numbering system and electronic file tracking
  • Communications to all staff in the form of workshops, seminars, and exhibition