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Housing Association Case Study

Property Maintenance partner of Kent housing association

Strategic planning, increased performance needed
Alignment of housing association and Property Maintenance partner's goals and objectives


The Property Maintenance partner of a Kent Housing Association


  • Need to develop a Strategic Plan that clearly aligned with that of the Housing Association (E.g. meeting the 2010 Decent Homes target)
  • Need to improve operational performance of the directly employed labour force
  • Need to support improved housing stock management and reduced voids


  • Used the EFQM Excellence Model and Balanced Scorecard to structure analysis of current strategy and operations and to develop improvement Action Plans
  • Held series of executive management workshops to develop the Strategic Plan and ensure alignment with Housing Association key objectives
  • Identified 'Upstream' performance drivers that impact upon the performance measures by which the Housing Association is judged and upon which fees are earned by the Delivery Partner
  • Conducted a series of workshops at operative level to achieved sustained 'Buy-in' to their role in the delivery of effective, supportive Customer Care on the doorstep


  • Improved alignment between Housing Association and Delivery Partner's strategic goals and objectives
  • Improved clarity of expectations and performance measurement both between the Housing Association and Delivery Partner, also internally within the Delivery Partner's organisation
  • Improved executive skills within the Delivery Partners' senior management team
  • Improved the efficiency and effectiveness of the directly employed labour force
  • Reduction in reliance upon sub-contractors and reduced sub-contract costs
  • Dramatically improved the turnaround on Voids (over 550 are dealt with annually)