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Housing Association Case Study

Midlands based Housing Association

Embedding Value for Money in day-to-day behaviours and activities...
Significant strengthening of understanding of VfM throughout the organisation


A Midlands based Housing Association


  • The association wished to undertake VfM training for all its colleagues and its Customer VFM Steering Group to support its journey of embedding a VfM approach within the organization. This included:
    • Understanding procurement arrangements to maximise VFM and comply with legislation
    • Comparison of services cost, quality and effectiveness to support prioritisation for improvement
    • Maximising opportunities to review service areas for VFM
    • Understanding in particular 'what it means for individuals' on a day-to-day basis


  • Project initiation and planning meeting to put programme into the wider strategic context of the association
  • Held an initial training workshop with the management team to test out and modify the training approach and content where necessary – providing the senior management team with the opportunity of emphasising key messages to be delivered
  • Delivered a series of highly interactive training workshops to all staff covering:
    • What VfM is and what it means in practical terms
    • What VfM means to the association and why customers should get involved
    • Tips / advice for making the VfM group successful (e.g. how not to get sidetracked on small issues)
    • Examples of good and bad VfM
    • TSA regulatory framework, inspectors perspectives on VfM
    • What you need to know about to assess VfM (inputs, outputs, outcomes and impact)
    • Ways of assessing whether or not VfM is being delivered in the services residents receive
    • Helping colleagues understand how to embed VfM and communicate it across the organisation
    • Identifying ways to involve Customers and Contractors in assessing VfM
  • Delivered VfM coaching to Board members covering their role in challenging the executive management team in delivering VfM throughout the organisation
  • Workshop outputs included a series of specific VfM suggested actions to be taken forward, assessed and prioritised by the VfM steering group


  • Reinforced and embedded the key VfM principles of Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness - significant strengthening of understanding of VfM throughout the organisation
  • Over 100 VfM suggested actions generated for financial assessment and prioritisation by the steering group
  • Very positive feedback ratings from staff on approach and training delivered
  • Roles and responsibilities for VfM sharpened at all levels