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Housing Association Case Study

Major Midlands Housing Association

Performance improvements needed for Audit Commission assessment
Improved framework introduced across organisation and positive assessment subsequently achieved


A major Midlands based Housing Association


  • An internal high-level performance assessment indicated that there was considerable room for improvement against all Key Lines of Enquiry in order to ensure a positive Audit Commission assessment


  • Internal team established to drive improvement strategy
  • Defined the structure, focus, content and required outputs of a series of KLOE workshops to define 'what it means for us' within each of the service delivery areas
  • Delivered initial workshops within the selected service delivery areas to generate:
    • Positively engagement of managers and staff
    • Additional perceptions and momentum to address key areas of weakness
    • A consistent framework to assess the health of the Association
    • A framework for action and delivery of the necessary improvements
    • Strengthened understanding of the Associations Vision and Values
    • Prioritised action plans to be generated
  • Coached internal team in workshop structure and delivery
  • Workshops carried out across:
    • Asset Management, Repairs & Maintenance; Lease-holding; Allocations & Lettings; Housing Income Management; Tenancy & Estate Management; Resident Engagement; Supported People & Housing
  • Implemented series of 'quick-hit-actions' to create the momentum for change
  • Evaluated improvement potential against the Value for Money challenge
  • Identified and evaluated financial benefits to be achieved


  • Positive engagement of managers and staff throughout the organisation
  • Improved coherence, integrated framework and approach to both assess the improvement potential and to take action implemented across the Association
  • Strengthened understanding of corporate Vision and Values
  • Positive Audit Commission assessment subsequently achieved