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Housing Association Case Study

Major North East Housing Association

Strengthening leadership, strategy and organisation structure...
To achieve transformational change


A major Housing Association based in the North East


  • Whilst on a firm foundation, the difficult economic environment made it necessary for the Association to re-examine its overall business plan and examine its best strategic options
  • Need to examine behaviours within the Corporate Management team and resolve 'tensions' that had developed within key relationships
  • Need to address leadership skills generally within the Corporate Management team
  • There were concerns around the overall effectiveness of the Board – in particular in providing robust 'challenge' to the Executive Management team
  • The organisation needed to ready itself in preparation for the new TSA regulatory regime
  • The organisation structure was 'inherited' from a local government culture with multiple layers leading to a lack of role clarity, fragmentation of responsibilities and accountabilities


  • Held a series of executive management workshops to thoroughly examine: the current external economic and sector background; key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; strength of key stakeholder relationships; internal and external opportunities, capabilities and choices; key goals and objectives within the core business; potential futures for the organisation using 'Scenario Thinking' as a tool
  • Developed improved management mechanisms to enable the Executive team to remain focused on strategic / corporate issues whilst clearly devolving accountability for operational management to departmental staff
  • Improved KPI reporting structures and content
  • In-depth profiling and action planning exploring 'emotional intelligence' and Corporate Management teams' individual leadership style, character, behaviour and their impact on colleagues
  • Series of organisation structure development workshops with the Executive and Corporate management teams to define the optimised organisation structure and implementation plan
  • Supported the selection of new executive directors
  • Defined structures for improved overall Board effectiveness
  • Assisted the association to prepare for external short notice inspection under the new TSA regime


  • Significant strengthening and re-focusing of executive management team, resolution of key 'tensions. Improved collective strategic thinking amongst executive and departmental managers
  • Re-definition of the key roles and responsibilities and clarity of purpose between the executive and departmental management teams
  • Defined significantly strengthened organisation structure to enhance the achievement of corporate goals and objectives, reduce management layers, clarify roles and responsibilities, and significantly reduce managerial costs
  • Strengthened Board capability
  • Positive outcome from external audit (one of the top 3 for customer service in the UK)