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Housing Association Case Study

Housing Association Legal Department

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Re-focused Legal Department


The Legal Department within one of the country's largest Housing Association


  • The needs of the business for Legal services had changed over the years however there was a lack of clarity regarding the role of Legal within the wider business
  • The Legal department were seen as 'isolated', key relationships had broken down leading to a lack of confidence in the service
  • The function was seen as inefficient and not offering best value for money
  • Performance management was weak
  • Need to determine the appropriate way forward for the department, including considering partnership working and outsourcing options


  • Conducted a series of one-to-one interviews with executive managers, members of the Legal team and Legal 'customers' to gain their perceptions and insights
  • Carried out group workshops with representatives from Legal and 'customers' of the service to examine existing processes and their effectiveness
  • Extensive data analysis examining activities, performance and outcomes across solicitors, paralegal and business support grades
  • Audit of the skills levels available
  • Comparative analysis of quality, costs and efficiency within a range of alternative Legal services suppliers
  • Development of strategic options including significant internal performance enhancement and development of outsourcing / partnership working and associated organisation structures
  • Coaching and counselling to senior Legal management team
  • Quantified significant financial / value for money opportunity (up to 20% of departmental budget)


  • Major re-focusing of Legal department effort from 'low-level' volume transactions to high value / high risk corporate project support
  • Internal performance and value for money improvement programme adopted with key actions to:
    • Improve engagement with the wider business
    • Clarify expectations of Legal services
    • Re-allocate resources to support high value corporate work and reduce external spend
    • Strengthen performance management across all grades